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"There is such a powerful connection between our senses and our emotions. Stepping into the shower and using your favorite scented products promotes feelings of happiness. Taking a moment to pamper yourself is special -- every time.  When formulating my products, my goal is to deliver products that enhance the bathing experience and make you feel beautiful and inspired. Every person deserves to feel like that." -Ashley | Founder of Zoetic


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Cruelty Free


At Zoetic, we believe that no animal should ever be tested on, which is why we are strictly cruelty-free.  We only ever test on humans, and we buy our raw ingredients from other companies that have the same cruelty-free guarantee. 

We love animals and believe that animal testing is never, ever necessary. Cruelty-free is the only way to be!

And in that moment

Zoetic was born.

Zoetic offers skincare products that are made with love -- as well as some of the highest quality ingredients on earth.  Our founder, Ashley began making beauty products to meet her own specific needs and was soon giving them as gifts to her friends and family. 

Soon the friends and relatives of those friends were also trying Ashley's handmade beauty products, and wanted to know where they could buy some for themselves! And that's how Zoetic was born.  The skin care products that began as an act of love and giving have continued to be made with that same level of caring.  We love to hear from our customers who have used our products and seen the difference they can make in the appearance of their skin. 



There are so many skincare options out there, it can be difficult to choose the ones that are most likely to work well for you.  Many of the commercially available cosmetics and skin care products also include ingredients you might not feel so good about applying to your skin:  They might be full of harmful chemicals, or they might be tested on animals. 

We started Zoetic in order to create skin care products that you can feel good about in every way.  They're created using organic ingredients whenever possible, and they are also nourishing, cruelty free, and highly effective at giving your skin the healthy glow you've always wanted! 

We don't use parabens or harsh preservatives in our products.  Since our products involve natural ingredients, it's best to use them within 6-12 months. Where it is necessary for us to use preservatives in our products, we use non-gmo vitamin E as a natural anti-oxidant booster and/or plant-derived preservatives to help prevent bacterial growth and help those products have a longer shelf life.

We know you'll love our personal approach to healthy skin and natural beauty as much as we do!

Your favorite beauty products


Unlike some skin care companies, every one of our products is made from our own original formulas that we developed from scratch.  We use organic and natural ingredients as much as possible, and we like to make products that bring something new to the beauty world! 

Many beauty and skin care products on the market today are very similar, because they use basically the same ingredients -- just with different labels for different brands.  Throughout our entire collection, we take existing skin care ideas and give them an upgrade! We make sure every product has the best and most effective  ingredients, without the use of fillers.