Don’t Skip Steps. Learn the Benefits of Daily Exfoliation

When it comes to putting together a daily skincare routine that works, many people leave out a necessary step: exfoliating. Whether it’s due to laziness or the belief that it’s just unimportant, the act of daily exfoliation has fallen to the wayside in regular skincare. However, just like cleansing, moisturizing, and sun protection, exfoliating your skin is just as important.

Incorporating exfoliation into your routine has the following skincare benefits:

Reduces the Appearance of Pores
Pores, regardless of size, are known for trapping every little nuance of dirt, dust, or makeup that we come in contact with. When there is a buildup of dirt or products, the pores expand, becoming more visible to the eye. Daily gentle exfoliation minimizes the appearance of pores by removing the dirt, and grime that can be left behind from regular soaps and cleansers.

Creates Healthy Skin
Who doesn’t love having beautiful, glowing skin? From head to toe, healthy skin not only helps you look great but feel great too. One way to achieve this is by exfoliating daily with effective healthy skin products. The process of gently exfoliating your skin with natural products and body polishes increases the brightness of your skin, gradually eliminating the appearance of uneven tones.

Minimizes Acne Breakouts
If you suffer from acne, you know how easy it can be to trigger a breakout. While many people commonly suffer from facial acne, many people experience breakouts on their arms and even their backs. Whether it’s from stress or allergens, acne sufferers have extremely sensitive skin that can benefit from daily gentle exfoliation. Through unclogging your pores and removing daily excess dirt, you can help minimize the chances of breakouts.

Improves Product Absorption
Aside from the other listed benefits, product absorption is one of the most important reasons to exfoliate your skin. Without daily exfoliation, the rest of your skincare routine is for nothing. Exfoliation helps remove dead skin cells and unblock pores. This, in turn, allows for your soaps, lotions and other regular skin care products to effectively absorb into the skin and do their job. You achieve a much deeper cleanse after exfoliation.

If you’re looking for an exfoliator that provides moisture while also creating a deep cleanse, give Zoetic’s natural body polishes a try. Their special formula not only provides a gentle and deep exfoliation but also provides an additional layer of moisture. Gentle and strong, incorporating a daily exfoliator into your regular skincare routine has never been easier.

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