How To Make Frosé - Two Ways

Ah, Frosé...the refreshing summer drink people are losing their minds over. 


Frosé is popping up everywhere this summer!  What is Frosé?  Frosé is frozen rosé wine mixed with special ingredients that add a satisfying twist. Classy, pink, AND alcoholic? 

I'm IN! 

I was determined to find out if Frosé is truly as magical as it seems, so I scoured the internet for recipes and inspiration, and found two mouth-watering versions.

I grabbed my assistant Christina and we began the Frosé experiment.

The first recipe was by ONEHOPE Wine, and involved Limoncello, a personal obsession of mine. 

The Recipe:

1 bottle of rosé wine
3 oz. lemon juice 
3 oz. simple syrup
3 oz. limoncello

It's SO simple to make! Pour the bottle of wine into ice cube trays and freeze overnight. It won’t totally freeze, but the “slushy” like consistency puts the “F” in Froseee.

Then, pour the wine cubes into the blender, add the rest and oo la la, you've got Frosé!

rose wine frose recipe chloelimoncello frose recipe

The verdict?

If Rosé Wine and a lemon drop were to make a baby, this would be their baby. In other words...


The second recipe is inspired by my favorite rooftop hangout in Venice Beach, Hotel Erwin. The recipe calls for Peach Puree, Lemonade, and Grapefruit Bacari -- Is your mouth watering yet? Although we didn't know the exact recipe they use, we used the same ratios as the limoncello version -- It worked!

The Recipe: 

1 bottle of sparkling rosé wine
3 oz. peach puree
3 oz. lemonade
3 oz. Bacardi Grapefruit

Rose Wine Frose RecipeBacardi Lemonade Peach Frose Recipe SucculentPeach Rose Wine Frose Recipe

The Verdict?

Peach and Rosé are meant to be! The flavors complimented each other so well, and had a nice citrus kick from the lemonade. The grapefruit wasn't super strong, so if you want a bit more kick to your drink, pour heavy.


 We are officially Frosé people, and it truly IS magical. If you are new to the Frosé party, we highly recommend you add this into your summer mix. 

For those who aren't new - What are your favorite Frosé recipe? Comment Below!

And, last but not least, to those who followed our adventure via instagram, here are those bloopers we promised! 

Until next time, 

Ashley and Christina


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