The magic of Moroccan Rose

1. It only takes a few drops to work it’s magic. It takes tens of thousands of petals to make 1 ounce of this miraculous oil.
  1. It’s the most luxurious way to treat wounds. Moroccan Rose Oil contains antiseptic properties that work to protect skin from bacterial growth that may cause infection.
  1. Meet Rose, your personal skin protector. Moroccan Rose oil contains a powerhouse of antioxidants that aren’t afraid of working overtime. One of the antioxidants, Vitamin C, plays a key role in protecting skin cells from damage, such as sunburn or a rash.
  1. The moisture benefits are big. The delicate oil delivers a huge wave of moisture that helps nurture skin cells, leaving skin soft and smooth.
  1. Goodbye, redness. It’s anti-inflammatory properties help reduce redness on sensitive skin. It is especially beneficial on rosacea and thread veins.
  1. The rose petals act as a band-aid. The astringent property of Moroccan Rose works to heal wounds, and also soothes sensitive spots or swelling. 
  1. It slows down the clock. Moroccan Rose oil is known for its amazing ability to firm and tone skin, tighten pores, and fight signs of early aging.
  1. Therapist in a bottle. Inhaling the aroma of Pure Moroccan Rose oil promotes feelings of confidence, self – love, and positivity. 
  1. Did we mention the smell? Its fresh, sweet aroma is intoxicating. Moroccan Rose has a more delicate smell than other commonly used Rose species. 
  1. Pour some sugar on skin. The sugars in its Petals create a soothing feeling on skin, especially sensitive skin types.

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