Cotton Candy Skies Body Oil


Introducing an easy to use + lightweight body oil that delivers a huge boost of moisture without the greasy feeling. Cotton Candy Skies Body Oil has the aroma of fresh strawberries swirled into fluffy clouds of whipped vanilla cream. 

Our luxurious body oil leaves skin feeling incredibly soft with just a few, quick pumps. We use high quality, luxury botanical oils and extracts like Olive Squalane, Jojoba, Wild Mallow and Aloe

Because body oils do not contain any water, they provide a concentrated, long lasting moisture effect on skin. We do not use any fillers, as each oil and extract plays a huge role in giving skin the nutrients it needs to thrive.

Simply pump into hand and apply for a quick glow on the go that your skin will absorb within seconds!

2 oz glass bottle

Ingredient Highlights

Wild Mallow flowers are known for their ability to soothe and help heal dry, rough skin. Mallow was first cherished by the ancient romans for it’s anti-inflammatory properties.

Olive Squalane is a natural substance produced by our own bodies, but its production begins to decline as we age, making it super important to feed our skin this oil. Because its molecular structure is so close to the skin’s own, squalane oil penetrates deep into pores where it targets your skin care concerns at a cellular level. While Olive Squalane provides a huge moisture boost to skin, it’s lightweight enough for all skin types.

Ingredients: Jojoba Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Olive Squalane, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Mallow Extract, Aloe Extract, Fragrance

For a quick glow on the go, simply pump into hand or directly on skin. Massage desired amount of body oil onto skin. 

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